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Law firms and corporations wishing to list and fill their legal job openings with Filcro Legal Staffing can do so by contacting:

Employer Contact

Filcro Legal Staffing Legal Employment AgenciesShannon Kay
Assistant Vice President
Legal Recruitment & Placement
Filcro Legal Staffing
521 Fifth Avenue - 43rd Street
New York, NY  10017

212-599-0909 ext 212

Job descriptions can also be e-mailed and Ms. Kay or Ms. Miller will be happy to contact you by phone to discuss each position in detail.  Please leave “Legal Job Openings Enclosed” in the subject line so we can give you immediate attention. For Filcro Legal Staffing in Washington, DC use this link. - Thank you.

Thank you in advance,
Filcro Legal Staffing

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EEO Legal Recruiters and Employers

Filcro Legal Staffing and the organizations we represent are equal opportunity employers. We recruit, employ, train, compensate and promote regardless of race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status and we comply with all federal and state laws.

Our Commitment to Employers

Filcro Legal Staffing is a legal employment agency that specializes in the recruitment of legal personnel in New York City law firms.  We work diligently to meet our clients recruitment needs.

Law firm Administrators, Legal Secretarial Supervisors, Word Processing Center Managers, Paralegal Managers, Marketing Directors and IT Directors are the firm’s primary clients.  We treat each assignment and client with respect and never take for granted that we have been entrusted to meet a law firm’s needs in a diligent manner.

Filcro Legal Staffing Legal Employment AgenciesFilcro Legal Staffing is committed to providing exceptional service and we greatly appreciate the support of those who allow us to serve them in a professional and expeditious manner.

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