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  Filcro Legal Staffing New York

Filcro Legal Staffing is one of New York's leading legal employment agencies specializing in the identification of legal support and legal administrative staff. Filcro Legal Staffing’s clients include law firms and corporations who require legal  recruitment expertise and noted experience in identifying skilled legal employees.


New York Legal Staffing by Legal Staffing Firms in New York City

Shannon Kay
Vice President
Filcro Legal Staffing

Law firms and legal candidates who enjoy Filcro Legal Staffing’s services experience the lowest employee turnover rate in the legal community. Filcro Legal Staffing offers stability and continuity to law firms who seek out the firm based on a reputation of recruitment integrity, professionalism and efficacy.

Filcro Legal Staffing adheres to proven HR methodologies in the identification, recruitment, screening and attraction of legal professionals across all support functions required within a regional, national or global law firm.

Legal employment agencies like Filcro Legal Staffing that specialize in New York legal staffing intimately understand the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island legal markets.  With an equally strong presence in the Washington, DC and New York markets, relocations facilitated by Filcro Legal Staffing are frequent.

Specialized Legal Recruitment Acumen

  • Individual Law firm salary differentials from a practice and geographic perspective to expedite identification and recruitment.
  • Cost of living statistics to make employee transitions realistic anywhere in the United States
  • Extensive relocation experience between the New York, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and the Miami Metropolitan areas
  • An understanding of varied defined and non-defined benefit plans as they relate to total compensation for attraction.
  • Law firm corporate cultures in every legal community, in the regions serviced for local, regional, national and international recruitment.
  • Clients enjoy the resources of a global recruitment firm with proven efficacy across multiple business verticals essential to operating and monetizing.

These important factors are relevant to large and small law firms in and out the New York Metropolitan area.  Law firms and corporate business affairs environments are assured that Filcro Legal Staffing makes proper matches for the legal employee and the legal employer.

Legal Staffing by Filcro Legal Staffing Legal Secretaries - Paralegals - Litigation Support - Marketing Business Development - Records - Billing - Law Clerks - Law Librarians - Secretarial Supervisors - Accounting & Finance - Systems / IT - Technical Training - Human Resources - Word Processing - Graphics Specialists - Receptionists - Practice Assistants - Facilities - Duplication - Proofreaders

New York, Washington, DC, Chicago & San Francisco markets.

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